Is this for security, green or something Illegal ?

I can’t figure this one out. It is in a bad neighborhood. It’s the street I grew up on. We had to chain our car batteries down and we also left our cars unlocked so they wouldn’t break the windows. I can’t figure out what this is. Maybe they got some kind of illegal lab operation in there. Click on these small photos for a bigger one.

Here is the house.


Here is a close-up of those windows.


Here is a close up of the front door. It looks like the door on a freezer or a container for a bomb. thisĀ  question if it’s an illegal lab operation.

I thought it might have been some new “GREEN” stuff, but I see a very old air conditioner is still in place.


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Comments on Is this for security, green or something Illegal ?

September 9, 2009

5:38 am #

Its called “VPS” Vacant Property Security. Temporary until its sold i assume.

September 10, 2009

Al Gross
8:22 am #

How about the old sang, “There is no honor among Thieves” Could it be one drug dealer and their financial assets being protected against other dealers commiting a burglary to steel their drugs and assets?