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Well guys, some of your have already had this happen. My last day with Cherokee County will be 12/31/2009. It has been lots of fun with the building department. I would give anything to meet the county marshal on some illegal construction.

I’m feeling a little blue, but I have been very blessed. I’m by no means wealthy, but this is not going to cause me to be homeless.

I will be moving/downsizing from this house in Bartow County

To my new old house built in 1890 in Cherokee County


Just kidding. My wife told me she would never live in it. I kinda like this old house.

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Comments on A blue inspector at InspectorBlues.com

September 28, 2009

Tony Tidwell
1:08 pm #

There for a minute, I thought you were doing the reverse of the Beverly Hillbillies! In the picture of the second house, I was looking for you to be sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch with your shotgun, looking for a “critter” to come by!