Recycling at it’s best

Well bought some parts for my BCS 2 Wheel tractor on eBay. They were in Brasstown NC which required a trip through Elijay, Blue Ridge and Murphy NC.

The guy I bought the parts from raised chickens and lots of other critters. He made chicken coops out of old satellite dishes. I guess you could call this a “dish network”.  He had hundreds of chickens and his ebay ID was roosterdude



But on the way home  I found a recycled school bus.  Remember you can click on these photo’s for bigger ones


For Tony – I think this was in Bartow.  If it wasn’t it was real close

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January 17, 2010

12:04 pm #

I live in the Brasstown area-never seen the satellite coops before-but I’m going to be on the look out for them now : ) Neat site you have here!