My Water Damage From a Refrigerator Water Line

I woke up Christmas morning (12/25/2010) at 6:30am. I could hear water trickling.¬† It sounded like one of those stress reducing things in the doctors office that’s supposed to calm you down before a surgery. The ones with the water trickling down the glass onto rocks. I think my vasectomy doctor had one. It didn’t calm me down. Anyway back to my problem.

I found my whole kitchen floor submerged and my carpet in two bedrooms, a hallway, the living room and the kids downstairs playroom soaked.  The HVAC Flex ducts were full of water and emptying out into the garage. And of course water was flowing out of both garage doors.

I filed a claim with Allstate. They sent out ServPro to dry the place out.

Right now the house sounds like an airport. Even the neighbors can hear hear it loud and clear. There are 20 blowers, 4 dehumidifiers  and 2 high powered dehumidifiers for the hardwood floors.

The pets are terrified and will not leave my side. They follow me like I am the mother goose. Forget sleeping alone – that will never happen.

It’s 78 degrees in the house and feels very cold. I normally keep it at 67 and have ceiling fans on. I could slice up vegetables and dehydrate them just placing them on the kitchen counter without using my dehydrator. This is a great environment for making beef jerky. You don’t want to go too long here without blinking your eyes or they will get stuck. I don’t need deodorant, because the perspiration evaporates faster than I can make it. When I scratch, I really turn white. I have goose bumps all over me at 78 degrees. My bowl of apples have shriveled up. The cat poop in the litter box dries out real fast. The fish bowl would probably evaporate if I were not adding to it daily.

I thought I would do good at weight watchers this evening being I can’t have any excess water. In fact I need to be drinking gatorade to compensate for the water loss.


Below are some pictures of the equipment.

This is a vacuum system for the hardwood floors. It works with the high powered dehumidifiers. It has the plastic plates on the floor. These plates a supplied by a vacuum.

Hardwood Floor Dehumidifier

These are the blowers. There are 2 types. There is a total of 20 in the house.


Here is a close-up of the dehumidifier.  There are 4 of these.

Dehumidfier LGR 2000

The advice I give here is don’t use a plastic line. Only use copper. Also if you add an inline filter, you added 2 connections that can fail and the filter itself. After this experience, I don’t plan to hook it back up. I can fill trays manually.

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